Astone Fitness Website Review & Ratings + Astone Fitness Coupons
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Astone Fitness Website Review & Ratings + Astone Fitness Coupons

Astone Fitness: Products & Services

Astone Fitness dedicated to fitness and health offer the cheapest deals and portable exercise equipments, home gyms and other brands. Their fitness equipment and accessories can be used just about anywhere with comfort, durability and style. Their Ripcords products sell only top quality products dedicated to developing the best home fitness equipment and they provide portable fitness equipment for a full body workout along with accessories to help complete your home gym. Here you can find an exercise band that will suit your needs whether you are toning or building your muscle.

At Astone Fitness you can choose from the following products:

Astone Fitness: Company Background

"Physical fitness is the ability of the human body fo function with alertness and vigor without undue fatique to meet the physical stress and with ample energy to engage in leisure activities. Individuals are assumed to be fit if they are able to accommodate to the stressors. Moderate activity will maintain the person at a level that is usually adequate to handle ordinary stress. The level of physical fitness can be influenced by systematic regular exercise and to improved one's fitness level, it is necessary to participate in more intensive exercise that overloads the physiological systems and promote change. Jogging, running, dancing, cycling, brisk walking, organized games and sports are exercise that demand total body involvement and maintain fitness more effectively. An individual must be careful in choosing an exercise program that ensure comfortable experienced. The attainment and maintenance of physical fitness coupled with reasonable rest patterns and nutritious diet is a systematic investment for a healthy life."   Celeste Ulrich, Microsoft Encarta, 2009 (DVD).

Astone Fitness has been in business in providing the highest quality portable fitness equipment for over 10 years. Their head office is located at: 2nd Floor, 10-12851 Bathgate Way, Richmond BC V6V 1Y5 Canada. They offer low minimums, high-quality service and excellent wholesale discount. On orders over $2500 the shipping is free. For more info: or call 1.866.497.9012 or 1.866.252.7219. Contact information: Ben Silverman (Principal)

Astone Fitness: Customer Feedback & Reviews

These are what customers say about this company:

  • "I love this exercise band. I have lower back trouble and the Ripcord is a great non-impact tool that's lower-back friendly. I started out doing reps of each suggested stretch and now I'm up to 50 and I will probably stop there. This is the best thing I've found that targets the dreaded hip, butt and thigh areas with no panting, sweating or pain involved. And also why I truly enjoy doing it."   Karyn Entenmann
  • "Great it reach on time."   Matthew, 12-16-2012
  • "At service! Thanks! I highly recommend them!!!"   Martin W.,11-24-2012
  • "Nothing against Astone Fitness. I had purchased Black Sniper Resistance band from them before, I've recently purchased Green Ripcord and said it was supposed to be delivered to me no later than Dec. 4th, I've never got it, by checking tracking info, there's no tracking info because it said item already has been delivered. I've never received my package, wish I could get my damn money back -_-"    Isaac, 12-7-2012  
  • "I'm a professional dancer and I just started using the Human Trainer. It has already increased my lean muscle mass tons. My strength is amazing now, especially my upper body strength, I love it!"   Ariel, Sydney, Australia
  • "I use "The Human Trainder" 4 times a week and I am able to get my cardio, weights, and core training all done under 1 hour. No more driving in traffic to the gym, or ridiculous 1-2 year gym memberships. I have more time for my family, more time for me. I look great and feel even better. Not only am I tearing my muscles with intense work-outs but I am also tearing up my gym contract."   Kevin, Vancouver, BC, Canada   
  • "I use it all the time and would not want to be without. I even show it off to buddies at the gym who think bands are stupid, that is they think that until they feel the tension and power of this bands, then they are impressed. Great product, it has no equal." Ron Ansley  

Ninety percent of the tone of feedback is positive.

Astone Fitness: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Astone Fitness is not BBB Accredited but on a scale of A+ (highest) to F (lowest) it was given a rating of A+. Factors that raised Astone Fitness rating include: (a) Length of time business has been operating; (b) No complaints filed with BBB; and (c) BBB has sufficient background information on this business.

Astone Fitness has been rated 4.9 stars over the past 12 months by Amazon. This site is committed to excellent products offering you the knowledge and peace of mind that you will have a quality fitness product to be use for a long time. 

Astone Fitness: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The site is not so popular, based from:

  • This site has an Alexa Traffic Rank of 1,338,730
  • This site rank 508,206 in the United States
  • There are 80 Sites Linking in
  • No reviews yet
  • High impact search queries for include: human trainer (high), the human trainer, fitness and more

Google Page Rank Checker

  • According to Google Page Rank Checker, the page rank value of this site is 4 from 10 possible  point (4/10).

  • Astonefitness is ranked 969,456 in the world
  • This site has a good pagerank (3/10) and 114 backlinks
  • The site is good for seo website and has 17% seo score
  • The site has an organic keywords of 43
  • It was given a star rating of 3.0/5.0 by webstatsDomain
  • This site is safe: google safebrowsing (safe), Avg Antivirus (safe), and SiteAdvisor (safe)
  • categories include: home gyms, exercise bands, fitness dvds, resistance bands and suspension training
  • The site is estimated worth $2,666 USD
Astone Fitness: Social Media Presence

Astone Fitness have pages on the following: ( As of 12-23-2012)

  • Twitter with 11,9623 Followers, 1,050 Following and 1,709 Tweets
  • Facebook with 5,211 Likes, and 3 Talking About This
  • You Tube with 286 Subscribers and 143,049 Video Views, Date Joined:June 2, 2010, Country: Canada
  • Pinterest has 216 Followers, 116 Following, 13 Boards, 265 Pins and 12 Likes. Among its Board include: Stretching Exercise (12 pins), Men's Fitness (7 pins), Fitness and Health Quotes (31 pins), Nutrition and Food (40 pins), Body Building/Strength Exercises (40 pins), Cardio Exercise (12 pins), Women's Fitness (38 pins) and more.
  • Google+, 26 have them in circles
Astone Fitness: Website Security & Safety

The website is safe. According to Norton Safe Web Summary for Astone Fitness: They found no issues with this site- Computer Threats (0), Identity Threats (0), Annoyance factors (0), the total threats on this site is zero. Norton rating for the site is OK (safe). Click here to find out Norton Safe Web rating for this site.Check this website using this tool: .

Astone Fitness: Pricing & Packages

Pricing  for this company's primary products:

The Human Trainer

  • Full Potential Complete Kit - $299.99 (Web Price, Save Over $100 plus Free Shipping)
  • Essential Home Kit - $169.99 (Web Price, Save Over $60 plus Free Shipping)


  • The Human Trainer DVD - $20.95
  • Ripcords Circuit 7 DVD - $20.95
  • Free Weight Circuit DVD - $20.95
  • Circuit Core Training DVD - $20.95

Astone Exercise Balls Packages

  • Astone Fitness Anti-Burst Exercise Ball - $21.05 (Website Sale Price, You Save 37%)
  • Ripcords beginner Core Training Pack - $71.99 (Website Sale Price, You Save 20%)
  • Ripcords Advanced Core Training Pack - $97.99 (Website Sale Price, You Save 31%)

Stretch Buddy

  • Stretch Buddy-Stretch Strap -  $16.95 ( Web Price)
  • Stretch Buddy-Flat Bands - $18.95
  • Stretch Buddy-Purple Ripcords - $15.95
  • Stretch Buddy-Purple LegCord - $15.99 

Comparing it to other similar companies:

Ripcords -

  • Power Tension 6 Pack - $54.95 (Web Price)
  • Heavy Tension 3 Pack - $39.95 (Web Price)
  • Beginner Tension 3 Pack - $36.95 (Web Price)

  • Professional Band Package - $294.99
  • Advanced Band Package - $208.99
  • Intermediate Band Package - $142.99
  • Beginner Band Package - $104.99 prices are generally lower that other similar company pertaining to this product.

Astone Fitness: Shipping Rates & Policies

Astone Fitness provide a variety of shipment options calculated automatically based on your address to meet your delivery needs. All orders that are processed on the same day are shipped, either the same or next business day. Within 7 or 10 days your orders will usually arrive. You are entitled to their wholesale pricing, if you order more than $350 of Ripcords products. For orders over $600, the shipping is free. On orders over $3000, contact them for more info at

They ship internationally including Canada, USA and the UK, but they assume no responsibility for brokerage or custom fees and can't guarantee delivery times (which may takes up to 4 to 6 weeks). The shipping methods they offer are: (a) Priority Mail USPS: 7-10 business day; (b) Fed ExGround (Expedited Shipping): 3-7 business days. Within the United States orders over $75 are free of charge and orders are estimated to take 7-10 days to arrive.

Astone Fitness: Payment Methods Accepted accept major credit cards for secure online payments such as: Visa card, Discover, MasterCard, American Express and you can check out with PayPal. Beside credit cards you can also use Google Checkout or Electronic check. For certified personnel trainer, take advantage of special discounts offered exclusively. Personal trainers can opt into their Astone Personnel Trainer Program.

Astone Fitness: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

For returns, email them at: You can call them by phone at: 1-866-497-9012 or fax them at: 1-866-252-7219. Their phone support is from Monday through Friday, 10 a.m to 4:30 p.m (PST). Please include your full name and email address and state that you are returning products. Contact them, once you have shipped your package, include your tracking code for your shipment to ensures it won't be lost in the mail. If you are unsatisfied with your product please contact them. Astone Fitness offers a 90 day Money Back Guarantee to their customers.

Astone Fitness: Product images & screenshots
Astone Fitness Coupons
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